Good evening Ladies and gentlemen.

I hope you've enjoyed your dinner and having a good time so far. Today, we are celebrating a special occasion the wedding of our dearest Shireen and Laith.

I would like to tell you about my sister Shireen. As a first child born to the Andrea family they where extremely delighted by her arrival, she brought them joy and happiness and she still does. She was surrounded by love, affection, care and attention. I always remember Shireen as a hard working student bright and intelligent, always reaching the highest achievement; she successfully obtained her Baccoloria degree being one of the first ten. She was the best example to her brother and me.

When we where children we used to share the same room, but we were different! When I used to sleep she didn't. When I used to turn the heating on, she turns it off. When she turns the light on. I turned it off. When I talk she sleeps. Things changed when we grew up. We started to share the same thoughts and ideas.

Shireen, I love you, I am going to miss you, and I would be always there for you where ever you go.

Shireen is very sociable, kind, loyal, caring and affectionate and I am sure Laith she will be a wonderful wife too. When Shireen and Laith decided to get married. Our family warmly accepted Laith and welcomes you as another member to the family.

So here we are today, celebrating this happy occasion, I would like you all to join me in wising the bride and the groom a life filled with happiness, health, wealth and lots of children.

Thank You!