Good evening ladies and gentleman, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all for joining us today in celebrating a very special occasion… The wedding of Shireen and Laith! As one of the bridesmaids and as Shireen's second cousin, I take much pride in sharing a few words with you about the newlyweds. After so many months of preparation, it's hard to believe that the big day has finally arrived. Many months of hard work that has gone into today's events, and I think everyone agrees with me that today has been worth all that hard work and more!

Sometimes you just know that two people were made for each other. That's how it is today. Shireen, in all the time I've known you, I've never seen you happier." And laith I haven't gotten to know you that well, but I do know that you are lucky to have shireen as your wife and I know that you will fit in perfectly in a big family full of aunts, uncles, cousins and second cousins! So you have your work cut out for you!

Being the eldest second cousin, Shireen is very well known for her social, loving and outgoing nature, but most of all her secrecy! As you can imagine most of the family was surprised to learn about shireen and laiths relationship, a person that we haven't met! But as I do say so myself after meeting you laith, everyone was much impressed by your looks, good manners, sense of humor and not to mention how tall you are! We are delighted that you are joining our family and be assured that there will never be a DULL moment!

Although they were both born in the same country, shireen and laith did not know each other. Aside from faith and destiny we should also thank modern technology -the internet for bringing them together! It all started with an e-mail that laith sent all the way from Amsterdam to Burlington! All it took is a picture and a few words that got things started. And after many meetings the two got together in places such as Amsterdam, London, and Burlington, It was a lovely surprise to all of us when shireen announced her engagement to laith! Not only are you handsome and charming laith, you have also made shireen very happy; so thank you for that and we especially thank you for putting a permanent smile on shireen's face!

For those who don't know shireen well, she loves to party, some of you including her friends will agree with me when I say that she's a party animal! So for you laith, to come and steel her heart is a big and I mean BIG accomplishment! Some people think that marriage is just a lottery; if it is then I think that Laith has picked a winning ticket today. Not only have you married a loving woman, she is also very special to all her family and friends, so laith be careful there are a lot of us and we are all watching you!!

During the past few months, every time I saw shireen I asked her how laith is doing, and every time she would answer me by telling me the exact number of days she had left until she saw him again… and not to mention that everyday at the same time, she would make sure that no one is using the phone, so that she can call him! So I am sure that you can all imagine what the phone bills were like!

We know that you two are perfect for each other and we know that you will build a home that is warm and welcoming especially because you both come from secure family homes where your parents have set examples of what a good marriage should be. And I would just like to mention to you laith that you should get ready as you will be having lots and lots of visits from all of us!

Finally, as I know that you are all anxious to get this party started, I would now like to ask everyone to stand with me, and raise your glasses…does everyone have a drink?

Today, on behalf of both families, "We wish you (Mr. & Mrs. Safar ) a life filled with all that is good, we wish you a home filled with contentment and joy, a relationship filled with love and laughter, and of course we wish you both a happily ever after!" "CONGRATULATIONS!"