Good evening ladies and gentlemen

Dorine and I would like to welcome you all to this happy occasion: the marriage of our daughter Shireen to Laith. We would also like to thank you all present and specially those who have traveled along way from Lebanon, England, USA, Montreal, Ottawa and Windsor to attend this happy celebrations. We very much miss those who couldn't make it specially Laith's parents and his brother, Shireen's god mother Hilda and her uncle Joe and his family who tried so hard to attend this wedding but unfortunately they couldn't make it. We are missing them tremendously.

Shireen (fet hat al 3aen) our eldest daughter, our princess and our dream, we love her dearly her birth brought us the best of good luck.

As a child she was a very quiet baby, loveable and adorable. She was very clever and always achieved high grades at school. She was happy and devoted to her parents and classmates. Actually 3 of her old friends are present with us and 2 of them have traveled all the way from the States to attend her wedding. She finished high school with distinguished marks. She graduated with honours from the University of London England as a Civil Engineer hoping to carry on in her father's footsteps. In Canada she changed her carrier goal to accounting and computing. She is very affectionate to her parents and her brother and sister.

Dearest Shireen although you got married now, and going to have your own family and future but always remember mum and dad are always there for you.

Dearest Laith you have captured Shireen's heart, you deserve her and we would like to welcome you to our family as our own son. Now we can proudly say that we have 3 sons, Joseph, Abbad and Laith. So we wish you Shireen and Laith all the happiness and prosperity in your future days.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to propose a toast to the newly wed couple, Shireen and Laith, and wish them every happiness in their married life.

We hope Ladies and Gentlemen you will have a pleasant and enjoyable evening.

Thank You!