Service Sign-up - Residential DSL Internet Access

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Step 1: Package Options Please select your package options, username and password.

Package: DSL 6 LITE - $29.95 monthly - Activation: $60.00

  • If you have a standard analog phone service at the desired service location please choose standard, however if there is no phone service a dry loop is required.

    You may ignore these field if you currently have a listed phone service with Bell. If your current phone provider is not Bell, we will require a Circuit ID to setup your account. You can obtain this information by contacting your phone provider.

Step 2: Contact Information Please enter all required fields:

Step 3: Billing Information Please enter all required fields. Please enter all required fields. Your account will be billed all setup and product purchase fees plus the first month service before the application will be submitted. After that it will be billed automatically monthly on the first of the month for service.

Step 4: Order Confirmation Please review your order details and click submit to continue. We will contact you with assistance
to setup your account when the order is processed.